Customizable Transaction Email

Use Origins Ecommerce customizable email templates to easily stay connected with your customers and keep them informed about their orders and subscriptions.
The average online buyer receives hundreds of emails every day, that’s why it’s important to keep communications between your online business and your customers clear and concise. Origins Ecommerce customizable emails make it easy for you to connect with your customers, in a way that matters and will support and grow your business.

Our selection of ready-to-use templates can be customized to reflect your brand and convey your message in any one of our platform’s supported languages. Paired with our localized checkout, deliver a tailored customer experience. Set up your online business transactions and reap the rewards of automated communications! Show your customers you are paying attention - alerting them of renewals as well as providing purchase receipts and other notifications.

While transactional emails do have an important primary purpose, they can double as a prompt for your customers to engage in other ways. Do you want them to subscribe to a unique offer or follow you on social media? You can prompt all these calls to action through our customizable and automated email system. You can even suggest a product that will complement the service or product they just purchased. Transactional emails provide a fantastic opportunity for online businesses to strengthen customer relationships, build brand awareness and drive new business. Origins Ecommerce makes this easy for you to do.

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