eCommerce Manager

Our easy to use and flexible payments platform will help you acquire new happy customers, increase sales and make growing your business easier.
You are a savvy ecommerce manager, looking to acquire happy clients with ecommerce systems your organizations needs. How much time do you spend on testing new campaigns and targeting new markets? Identifying which strategies drive online purchasing and customer satisfaction takes a special skill set, and the right ecommerce system can make it easier.

You have the determination to leverage every possible channel, for generating digital buyer interest, customer loyalty, and recurring sales. You know when to use partner or channel marketing, and you understand the power of getting accurate data to prove your ROI. Your time is valuable and you’d rather not waste it syncing different tools from a variety of vendors or getting accurate data that links back to different channels, campaigns and split tests.

Top 5 Origins Benefits for Ecommerce Managers:

  1. Real-time Reporting & Dashboards
  2. Customizable Cart and Email Templates
  3. Streamlined Subscription Management
  4. Automated Channel Tracking
  5. Built-in Split Testing Tool
The most important job you have is making the customer journey seamless, increasing sales, and increasing happy customers. Whether you are managing ecommerce or SasS services, or subscription boxes, you must make every tool work at maximum capacity. Origins Ecommerce offers a comprehensive ecommerce solution designed to help you efficiently manage multi-channel marketing as well as measuring the results.
Best part? You have harnessed the expertise of a cadre of ecommerce and online payment experts on your side. Why struggle with with your ecommerce provider when you can focus on ecommerce strategy - do what you do best and we’ll support your success.

Learning Moment

When we talk about the value of omni-channel marketing it is all about creating a seamless experience for your customers. Whether they shop from their phone, tablet, desktop or laptop - every device takes them on a journey where you control the ultimate destination. Origins Ecommerce automates this seamless journey so you don’t have to worry about the final checkout. 
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