Real-Time Data Reporting

Access a comprehensive and fully customizable view of your KPIs with Origins Ecommerce real-time data reporting.
Understanding how your business is performing, whether it’s your sales, your revenue, or your subscriber base is an important part of having an online business. Use the Origins Ecommerce dashboard to view your metrics either in real-time to see up-to-minute data or over-time to see how your trending.

You can adjust the information you display on your dashboard in a succinct overview to reflect your needs or dig into a more in-depth analysis, by drilling down into key reports. Our extensive API functionalities give you the possibility to seamlessly integrate reporting and analytical capabilities directly in your business applications. All of your data can also be easily exported in CSV format.

Having a fully customizable view of your Key Performance Indicators at your fingertips will give you the insight you need to manage your online business successfully. Accessible reporting on your sales, conversions, and recurring revenue can be sorted by product, date range, region, and transaction type. Monitor your chargeback and refund rates so you can adjust your carts and deploy effective chargeback prevention strategies.

For subscription businesses, keep a close eye on your customer base with our customer activity reporting. Invaluable KPIs on new subscribers, cancellations, customer churn and renewals will only make it easier for you to dial-in your marketing campaigns and grow your subscription base.
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