Chargeback Management

Mitigate chargebacks and make informed decisions with the Origins Ecommerce chargeback management resolution center.
Chargebacks are part of doing business online but your chargeback process doesn’t have to create unnecessary work for you. For most merchants, chargebacks are not an area of expertise, but we can help simplify the process of disputing and responding to chargebacks, allowing you to minimize this burden and increase retained revenue.

You can also use chargeback data to make informed decisions about fraud mitigation strategies, and improvements to the customer journey. Having a trusted payment processing platform that performs the right checks gives you, as the business owner, the ability to evaluate threats, manage your risks and understand how to recognize and differentiate an authentic from an illegitimate chargeback. Origins Ecommerce in-house team of experts will assist you and give you access to the right tools so you can manage your chargebacks in a more proactive and efficient way.

Be proactive

When it comes to chargeback management, prevention is the way forward. Our platform provides you with the necessary tools to stay one step ahead of the game so you can efficiently mitigate chargebacks. Get alerted as soon as a dispute forms with real-time notifications and manage your response in a timely manner.  Keeping a low chargeback rate will minimize costs, save you time, and bolster your reputation. Being proactive saves money!

Recover Your Revenue

Part of growing your business comes down to profit and the revenue you generate. Avoiding revenue loss is therefore crucial to keep your business on the right tracks. Mitigate invalid chargeback disputes, whether friendly or malicious, and avoid unnecessary revenue loss with Origins Ecommerce. Our payment platform and chargeback management tools will help you recover revenue and keep a healthy relationship with your customers.

Protect Your Brand

Keeping a strong brand presence and maintaining a trusted brand message is a vital part of any business. Managing your chargebacks in a swift, efficient and proactive manner will help your business grow and keep its trusted brand identity. Our platform not only offers automated tools to help you identify the type of disputes you’re dealing with, we also have a team of experts at hand that will assist you along the way. Our trusted experts have the knowledge and the industry experience and will take the time to understand the products and services you’re offering, as well as overseeing your transactional data so that when a chargeback does occur, we are already working hard for you to contest it. This will give you valuable time for you to focus more on your business, and allow you to bolster your reputation and maintain a loyal customer base.

Grow Your Business

Making sure your business keeps performing and growing is crucial. Don't let chargebacks stall your growth, keep a close eye on your KPIs and continue increasing your revenue. Monitor your refund rates so you can adjust your carts and deploy effective chargeback prevention strategies. By integrating your business with our platform in a seamless and flexible manner, through the custom API, you will be able to create a smooth and efficient workflow giving you that extra peace of mind when managing chargebacks. Access to comprehensive analytics and reporting will give you key insights to keep your business one step ahead.
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