The Payment Engine of your Optimized Revenue Stack

All your revenue generating solutions integrated together and optimized

Origins Ecommerce is designed to be the payment engine of your optimized revenue stack. Our solution comes with APIs to plug into your existing technology stacks and we offer the functionality and flexibility to quickly adapt to new business needs with regards to billing, payments and partner management.

Secure and Reliable Checkout and Payments

Whatever set up you need to effectively reach, convert and retain customers, Origins Ecommerce includes the tools and flexibility you need. Our platform enables you to easily set and adjust checkout prices, languages, currencies, checkout paths, coupons, special offers, tiers, cross-sells and more. If customers need to upgrade or add seats, Origins Ecommerce makes the process immediate, seamless and entirely digital.

The Origins Ecommerce platform is PCI level 1 compliant to ensure all transactions are secure. Also included are fraud mitigation features built into the platform and fraud analysis team to monitor for signs of fraud and minimize the risk of costly chargebacks.

Better Customer Experience

Keep up with rising customer expectations with a revenue stack that gives your users the options and experience they expect. This includes easy-to-use portals, accepting their preferred payment methods and minimizing any points of friction to getting value from your product. Enable instant access with integrations between your payments platform, CRM and product fulfillment solution.

For renewals, the payment platform includes renewal optimization features to maximize the chances of a successful rebill payment and uninterrupted service. This includes a customer billing support team and a self-service portal for updating out of date payment information.

Connecting Solutions for Better Results

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to selling online. That's why you've chosen your current technology stack so that you can best reach and serve your customer segments. But often, these solutions are not connected and not strategically coordinated in a way to help you reach your business goals.

Fortunately, APIs can tie together revenue generating components so that you can have a better view and align your sales funnel from lead generation to conversion, payment and renewals.

Partner Management

Grow your reach and your sales with a network of reseller or referral partners. Origins Ecommerce allows you to recruit and onboard partners with extensive management and tracking features. With our payment platform, you can give your partner network access to your payment processing solution for instant and transparent payments. Payouts are automatically calculated and remitted to partners on your behalf based on commission structures you set.

You can also empower your partners to sell more with options for coupons, trials and cross-sells.

Bring Your Data Together

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, you can't afford to keep your data siloed. For an effective growth strategy, you need to have a complete view of the effectiveness of your customer acquisition funnel and retention. Origins Ecommerce offers extensive reporting on your sales and payments that can be segmented by time period, partner, geo, source and more.

Have all the information you need to stay ahead of the competition that can then be pushed into your other platforms for a more comprehensive picture.

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