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7 Ways to Mitigate Mobile Cart Abandonment

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - May 17, 2016 in ,

Since 2014, mobile users have accounted for more than half of all ecommerce traffic. With mobile phones and tablets expected to continue to represent a growing proportion of traffic, minimizing cart abandonment on mobile is becoming more essential for ecommerce success. According to a Statista survey, the top reasons customers cite for abandoning a cart include unexpected costs, concerns about payment security or that they were just browsing. With that in mind, here are seven tips for minimizing your mobile cart abandonment rate.

1. Develop a mobile website first, rather than an app

Should your ecommerce business be using a mobile website or a mobile app? In most instances, customers, especially new customers, prefer mobile websites to apps.

Consider the advantages of mobile websites:

  • Immediacy: Customers are able to connect immediately, without needing to install an app
  • Compatibility: Mobile websites are compatible across many different devices
  • Site Changes: Changes and upgrades made to mobile websites are instant
  • Shareability: Specific pages and website URLs can be easily shared between users

2. Reduce load times

Just like desktop customers, mobile customers have a low tolerance for slow websites. Slow loading pages are frustrating and loading large files may even cut into customers’ monthly data usage. Obviously, if your shoppers remember feeling frustrated with your shopping and checkout experience, they are less likely to finish their purchase or return.

3. Streamline the checkout process

The more steps you add and more forms you require customers to fill out before purchasing, the more likely they are to not complete their purchase. Forced registration is one of the biggest turnoffs for potential customers so make sure they have the option to check out as a guest and only include essential fields in your checkout forms.

4. Ensure customers trust your site

When considering online transactions, customers are very cautious about where they submit their payment information. Some studies suggest that adding security badges helps reduce anxiety and increase customer trust. But other companies experienced a decrease in sales when using these logos because there was too much focus on security. So, be sure to test the type, style and placement of security badges to see if they make a difference for your business.

Other factors that may decrease trust include:

  • Broken links or images
  • No return policy
  • Low quality graphics
  • Lack of reviews or testimonials
  • Difficulty reaching customer support

5. Ensure cohesion with ecommerce site

It is very important to remain cohesive and consistent throughout all of the channels on which you interact with customers. This means ensuring your design and brand voice are consistent throughout your site, checkout, social channels and platform, if applicable.

6. Be transparent about pricing

Price is the factor shoppers are most sensitive about. So, if they get to checkout and there are unexpected costs or fees, customers are much more likely to bounce. Therefore, make sure the full cost of your product or service is clear from the start.

7. Re-engage customers

Lastly, don’t forget to re-engage shoppers that abandoned their purchase. Many simply do not make purchases during their first visit to a website. So, make sure you save their cart and keep it top of mind with retargeting campaigns or email reminders (if you have it). When they do return to your site, have their abandoned cart ready for them.

Through Your Customers’ Eyes

When attempting to minimize cart abandonment and optimize your checkout, remember that empathy is the best strategy. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what you like and dislike when you shop online. By following these tips, you will improve your customer experience, lower your abandonment rate and increase sales with mobile shoppers.

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