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A Message from Origins Ecommerce

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - April 6, 2020 in , ,

Our dedication to you

It truly is unprecedented times we are living in amidst the current COVID-19 global health crisis. From friends and family to businesses and organizations, we are all being impacted by this pandemic, in one way or another. While we are still adapting and figuring out how to navigate these uncertain and ever-changing challenges, we want to assure you that we are here to support you. 

Being stronger together

While this global health crisis might have isolated us in different ways, we believe it has given us the opportunity to come closer as a community. Whether you’re quarantined or keeping a social distance from one another, now more than ever, we need to come together and show our solidarity to one another. As we address this crisis, our priority is to provide support and guidance to our employees, our customers, and our partners. Our commitment to you will not waver.

We encourage local businesses to come together to support and assist the most vulnerable during this crisis. We need to step up as a community of businesses and entrepreneurs to help in any way possible as we weather this storm. Generosity, courage, and resilience must prevail in these challenging times.

We are here to help you

Supporting our customers during this crisis period starts with supporting our employees so that they stay healthy and fully operational to assist you and your business and provide you with the services you need and expect. We have taken action as COVID-19 has spread, to protect the physical well-being and financial security of our employees so that they are in a position to care for their health while also supporting our customers.

The majority of our employees now work from the comfort and safety of their homes, most of them in good company whether it’s their family or furry companions. The commitments we have made to support and care for our employees will ensure that we are ready and equipped to also support our customers during these uncertain times.

Being there for the small business community

Online payments and marketing have become incredibly important in supporting and giving businesses a valuable lifeline so they can continue selling to keep their business running. As we navigate through these challenging times, we are here as a trusted and secure partner to continue supporting your business. During these uncertain times, we are here to assist you and walk you through every step of the way in adjusting to this new landscape. We want you to have the confidence to run your business online and continue with sales around the world. Rest assured that we will provide the security, reliability, and service your business needs.

How else can we support you?

We know businesses of all sizes are under a great amount of stress and that some of you are facing significant hardship. We are constantly working to find new ways to meet your business’ needs and will use all our available resources to make a difference for you. If you need assistance with regards to your business with us, know that our customer support team is still fully operational and is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Just drop them a quick message on our website and they will get back to you in no time. 

Thank you for being our customer and for the trust you place in us every day. 

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