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Carousel Ads Come to LinkedIn

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - July 16, 2018 in

Telling a story that effectively promotes your brand or product is the best way to develop a connection, but it can often be tough to do that with only a single image and caption, especially if you have multiple products to promote. Carousel style posts and advertisements have become popular among both users and marketers precisely because they are a fun and effective way users can interact with more in-depth content. That’s why it’s great news that LinkedIn has opened up carousel ads to all businesses on their platform.

Source: LinkedIn

Format Breakdown

LinkedIn’s carousel ads will allow you to feature up to 10 swipeable cards with fully customizable descriptions and images on both mobile and desktop. Each card will have its own metrics on click-through-rates and impressions, removing some of the guesswork behind an effective campaign. As it stands now, you’ll also be able to download reports of the ads’ performance; however, direct reporting in the Campaign Manager is coming within the next few months.


Who Will Benefit

B2B ecommerce and SaaS businesses are particularly well positioned to benefit from making use of this new format due to the platform’s ability to resonate well with a more business-oriented audience.

The flexibility of carousel ads makes them an effective way to tell a complete brand story, no matter your goal. Highlighting an entire product range in one space, by having each individual card focused on a single product and it’s unique attributes, will remove the fragmentation present in the current LinkedIn ad offerings. Plus, the analytics behind each card will show how each product fared.

Conversely, when trying to highlight a single product, it’s often difficult to emphasize all the benefits within a single image or post. This is especially the case with SaaS, where you’ll often need to provide various different screenshots or displays to truly show users how your offering functions. By focusing each card of a carousel ad on a facet of a single product or service, or on pain-points you can remedy, it becomes simpler to pinpoint what resonates most with your customers and entices them to click-through.


Tell Your Story

No matter your business, telling a rich story is always going to excite customers, and carousel ads are a great new way to do just that. Read more about what you can do with carousel ads on LinkedIn on their Marketing Solutions site.

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