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[Ecommerce News] Pre-Roll Ads Are Coming to Periscope

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - April 12, 2017 in

Struggling to monetize its live video streaming service Periscope, Twitter has introduced pre-roll ads for ecommerce merchants directly on the platform. The Periscope ads serve as an expansion of the existing Twitter Amplify platform, which currently offers approved content creators the ability to monetize their videos through pre-roll ads.

The Periscope pre-roll ads will take the same form as ads currently appearing before Twitter videos and will offer creators the same 70% cut of ad revenue. Although the revenue generated from these ads is a draw, the main rationale behind monetizing the Periscope experience is to create more value for its creators. Retaining valuable users, like influencers and publishers, on the Periscope platform is the key to future platform growth. With so many other options like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube offering monetization options for these valuable users, Twitter needed to keep pace.

While Periscope says that these ads will only appear next to “brand-safe” content that should avoid unsavory videos, ensuring the content is actually ‘safe’ may end up being one of Periscope’s biggest challenges. YouTube’s recent falling out with previously “brand-safe” YouTuber PewDiePie and questionable Facebook Live broadcasting proves that no network is without risk.

If your ecommerce business has been interested in expanding to more platforms, this monetization of Periscope might be a good opportunity to gain more visibility among a younger demographic. Periscope isn’t the largest social platform; however, the authentic nature of the content and new forms of monetization may entice more higher-value influencers to join the platform.

Read the official release on Twitter’s blog.

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