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[Ecommerce News] Twitter Unveils Additional Customer Support Features

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - September 16, 2016 in , ,

In the latest of a series of customer support-focused changes that Twitter has made recently to its platform, brands will now have the option to clearly show their Twitter audience if they provide customer support or not, and when the most optimal time is for them to provide their responses.

As of now, when users mention their favorite brands via the Twitter search bar, an additional field of text will display showing whether or not the medium is a viable place to receive support. Additionally, profile pages of brands who provide support will also have a more visible Direct Message button for private inquiries.


Image source: Twitter

For ecommerce brands providing support on Twitter, this change should act to mitigate potential customer backlash by establishing a response expectation before the interaction takes place, while also increasing the chance of keeping customer dilemmas off the public feed.

It has been a busy summer at Twitter HQ, as the company announced an embedded DM feature for brands to leverage on their websites back in August.

For more information on this new change, check out Twitter’ blog.

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