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Microsoft is Now Blocking Coercive Software Messaging

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - August 10, 2018 in

Software companies that provide exaggerated messages are now being blocked by Windows Defender.

Coercive Software Messaging Crackdown

In a recent blog article, Microsoft stated that its Windows Defender program, the default antivirus program for Windows users, is now actively categorizing software products that use coercive messaging as “unwanted”, meaning any software that falls under this category will be flagged and removed.


Defining Coercive Software Messaging

Any software program, whether it’s a freemium product or paid, that entices users into paying for additional services or excessive features through messages that may be considered misleading run the risk of having their product flagged as malicious.

Microsoft has provided three forms of criteria that can be used to determine what constitutes coercive messaging:

• Products that “report errors in an exaggerated or alarming manner about the user’s system”, urging them to either pay to fix the errors or complete another action that benefits the company, such as a newsletter signup or filling out a survey.
• Suggesting that “no other actions will correct the reported errors or issues”
• Creating a false sense of urgency by requiring the “user to act within a limited period of time” in order to resolve the issue.


The Importance of Transparency

Whether it’s coercive messaging or user privacy, there have been a number of actions taken this year to protect online shoppers. Both ecommerce and software companies must ensure that they remain transparent and trustworthy. Doing so will not only avoid significant penalties, but it has a 94% chance of fostering more brand loyalty.

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