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First Quarter 2015 Release Notes – Making our Robust Ecommerce Platform Even Better

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - May 1, 2015 in

For our first quarter release of 2015, we are especially excited about two new platform features – a partner-to-partner cross-selling channel and new coupon functionality. Combined with other improvements like faster region-specific reporting, more flexible commission allocation and improved tracking of scheduled renewals, these features represent great opportunities for merchants and publishers to increase revenues in 2015.


Increase Average Order Value with Cross-Sells

Merchants can now select complementary products to offer customers at the point of purchase with Origins Ecommerce's new partner-to-partner cross-selling channel. The functionality will create higher average order values and expose merchants to new markets. A variety of cross-sell and upsell configurations are supported, including both online and offline sales with revenue sharing and payouts among cross-sell partners being automatically handled by the Origins Ecommerce platform.


Use Coupons to Increase Sales

To drive increased revenue, merchants are now able to create, distribute and accept coupons on the Origins Ecommerce platform. Both percent and fixed dollar amount discounts are supported and specific conditions like channel availability, product scope and specific date ranges can be quickly configured for all coupons offered. In addition, merchants will be able to track the performance of their coupons in real time with the introduction of new coupon reporting features.

Coupon Functionality

Track the Success of Scheduled Renewals

To monitor the success of scheduled renewals, the Origins Ecommerce platform now offers subscription merchants the Renewal Performance Report. This report shows how many recurring customer profiles had automatic billing attempts during a specific period while taking into consideration any customers who have cancelled during that period. Of the profiles scheduled for billing, the report also shows the percentage of charge attempts that were declined, the reasons for these declines and the positive impact the platform’s dunning management capabilities has had on retry attempts over time.

The sales tab now also displays the price that a subscriber will pay at their next renewal. Marked as "Next Renewal Amount", the field provides an additional level of detail for merchants selling subscription products and joins existing fields such as "Next Billing Date," "Reminder Date" and "Cancelled Date."

Renewal Performance Report


Get Better Notifications

The notification email sent to merchants whose supply of license keys is low or has run out entirely has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and can now be configured to be delivered to multiple email addresses.


Track Customer Email Updates

Changes made to a customer's email address are now tracked within the sales tab, giving merchants the ability to quickly identify what the new email address is, who changed the email address and what the old email address was prior to the change.

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