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Fourth Quarter 2014 Release Notes – Meeting Our Customers’ Expectations

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - January 13, 2015 in

Origins Ecommerce's last release of 2014 was all about giving our increasingly diverse client-base the flexibly they need from their ecommerce platform. From supporting trial offers to improved usability, we are excited to be able to give our customers even more options to fit their ecommerce business needs.


Attract More Customers with Trial Offers

The Origins Ecommerce platform now supports free or discounted trial offers for merchants who would like to offer these promotions to attract prospective customers. As part of this feature, the platform can be configured so that commissions are automatically calculated and paid out for affiliates who instigated signups or sales. 

More Easily Manage Your Account with More User Options

For merchants who have multiple users on their account, Origins Ecommerce now offers more options for what each user can be given permission to do. Through the sales tab, account owners can now give permission for users to apply proration when cancelling a recurring profile as well as issue partial refunds for other reasons. Users can now also be given the power to change customers’ anniversary and billing dates. This is in addition to the flexible permission options already provided by the Origins Ecommerce platform.

Offer your Customers More Support

For customers that have accidentally deleted or otherwise lost a confirmation email of their order, merchants can now easily resend the email through the sales tab.

Additionally, we have updated the receipt page header to make it more user-friendly and responsive.

Leverage Improved Usability

We’ve redesigned the product management tool to improve usability and streamline workflow. We’ve also added support for postback tracking of SafeCart sales as well as the ability to export users to a CSV file.

Gain New Insights with our Sales and Language Report

Merchants can now better analyze how their cart performs in different regions with data on each display language a cart is offered in. The Sales and Language Report will help identify instances where conversions can be improved by localizing a cart.

These are only a few of the new features added or improved on the Moresby Media platform in the last quarter of 2014. For a complete list or for more details, contact our merchant support team.


Josiah Lemmon
Product Manager, Origins Ecommerce

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