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Google Introduces Service to Help You Connect Your Connected Devices

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - July 4, 2017 in

Although Amazon and Microsoft have been vocal about their intentions to make the most of the emerging IoT space, Google has remained relatively quiet. However, now Google is working to change that. With the launch of Google IoT Core, now in private beta, Google is attempting to provide a platform that will allow for easier bundling and tracking of IoT devices.

According to the announcement on Google’s blog, Cloud IoT Core will allow businesses to more easily manage their IoT devices on a global scale with more security and at a more reasonable cost than developing a custom solution. However, perhaps Google’s biggest draw with this new service is in reducing the complexity that arises when managing the petabytes of data points that these connected devices generate.

Source: Google Cloud IoT

By integrating the tools needed to take the data and turn it into useable analytics, like Google’s machine learning, data warehouse and data processing services, directly into the platform, it opens up huge opportunities for companies to find efficiencies and effectively monetize their IoT data. And with better data, app and service developers will be more able to identify market gaps and potential opportunities within their niches.

As Cloud IoT Core moves from private beta into the mainstream, we’ll quickly see how businesses respond to the aggregation of all the elements of connected device management into one unified platform.

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