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Powering Customer and Partner Success Through Automated Payments

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - January 25, 2018 in , ,

Nothing is more important than connecting with your customers and developing a great relationship with them. This is what makes your business sustainable and gives it the power to grow.

I've previously discussed the benefits and savings for businesses who embrace automated omnichannel B2B invoicing and payments. But there are also many potential advantages for your customers.

Five Ways Automated Payments Better Enable Customer Success

Delayed, failed or cumbersome payments can put a damper on the start of your relationship with your customers by delaying their use of your product when their interest is at its peak.

Customers have higher and higher expectations when it comes to what you provide and how you interact with them. Generally, they expect more and they expect it fast. Automated invoicing and payments give you a better ability to deliver both added-value and your service quickly.


Payment is faster – Automated payments solutions eliminate the time required for customers to create a purchase order and then wait for your team to invoice them. Either they or your sales agents can create a customized order that can be reviewed, emailed to approvers, and paid online immediately.

More choice - Online payments can be made via credit card, ACH or another preferred online payment method which removes waits of 30-to-120-days for funds to be transferred. Customers can finance their purchase if needed and take advantage of any offers or discounts you may give for immediate payment. For you, there's no wait for a check to be received, deposited and cleared.

Billing transparency and support – Customers can quickly and transparently view their purchase information online and find answers to their questions regarding billing and payments. In addition, automated payment platforms like Origins Ecommerce provide you with billing support capabilities for your customers via phone, email and chat.

Instant access – Once payments are removed as a potential barrier to customer onboarding, you are able to take full advantage of their initial levels of interest and engagement and move forward quickly with integration. Once your product is integrated into their technology stack and processes, they are much more likely to stay customers.

Automated rebilling – Payments shouldn't get in the way of your ongoing customer relationships. Automated rebilling means that payments are automatically processed based on your chosen billing period. For payments that fail because of outdated payment information, an automated process kicks in to get the information needed either through automatic updating on the platform or by reaching out to the customer directly.


How Easy is it to Create a Cart (or Order) with Origins Ecommerce?

The best way to illustrate ease when it comes to automated payment and invoice technology is via demonstration. Here are the simple steps required to created to customized checkout for your business clients.

Step 1: Log into the Origins Ecommerce platform wherever you are in the world


Step 2: Add a cart


Step 3: Add products to the cart


Step 4: Enable coupons, if applicable


Step 5: Send a link to your customer to complete payment


There are lots of payment solutions out there. What sets Origins Ecommerce apart?

I talk to a lot of B2B and B2B2C companies and here are the four comments and questions I hear most:

“My payment processor charged me five thousand dollars as a set-up fee, then another few thousand dollars to customize my cart and then tied me into a 3 year contract. I'm not doing that again.”

Straight-up, we don’t charge set-up fees. We also don’t charge to customize your cart. Finally, we work with you on a month-to-month basis so there are no contracts. We only charge transaction fees so we only make money when you do. That's why our platform and expertise are tailored to growing businesses in the software and SaaS space.


“My checkout provider has none, like zero, cart customization. I need a cart that either converts well or that I can customize to convert well.”

Our platform has been built up over a decade based on what our clients needed. At our core, this has always included the flexibility to configure a cart that converts well for your customers. This includes access to high performing cart templates, detailed tracking and on-time, accurate payouts for reselling partners. We’ve grown, but we’ve not changed the core foundations of the platform. While we now support global ecommerce and have a more sophisticated interface with full subscription management functionality and a host of other features, we still have the following:

  • One of the highest converting carts in the industry – and yes, you can customize it.
  • Detailed and holistic tracking with a comprehensive suite of real-time reports with user permissions.
  • Full partner revenue attribution and payout functionality so you can work with multiple partners, in any location, on different commission structures and we will handle all the tracking and payout logistics for you.


“My payment processor was awful, they didn’t support me at all. I could never reach anyone, even for basic questions.”

Origins Ecommerce has a dedicated, award-wining client services team. The team is made up of ecommerce experts who work with you to understand your specific business and identify ways to optimize revenue. They are also experts on all of our functionality and will work with you to make the best use of each and every feature we have that can be leveraged to grow your revenue.


“It took months for me to be properly and fully onboarded with my payment processor. I can’t afford that kind of wait time.”

This is also where our client services team shines, and as a Origins Ecommerce client you have full access to their expertise and support at no cost. As soon as you have passed through our compliance process, part of their job is to onboard you quickly and seamlessly. Remember, until you start transacting, we don’t make any money, so we're motivated to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Customer Success Takes an Ecosystem of Solutions

For a truly great customer experience, a lot of elements need to work together. Every touch point needs to enhance their perception of the value of your offering, and payments are a vital component.

If you enjoyed this read, download our free ebook on "The Benefits of Automating your Omnichannel Payments".

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