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[Ecommerce News] New Report Reveals Most Profitable U.S. Ecommerce Shopping Days

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - December 20, 2016 in ,

The 2016 holiday season has been a prosperous one so far for ecommerce stores, with nearly $50 billion being spent online via desktop computers in the U.S. since November 1st, a 12% increase from 2015.

The report also sheds light on which days were driving the most revenue, all of which experienced an increase year over year. Cyber Monday, Tuesday November 29th, Black Friday, Friday December 9th and December 12th (also known as Green Monday) placed among the top five.

Image Source: ComScore

This data shows the power of marketing during these key dates. For ecommerce companies who are planning their 2017 budgets, or ecommerce companies who may have fallen short of expectations this year due to inadequate planning, it’s vital that these dates factor in to your Q4 marketing strategy next year.

You can check out the rest of the findings on ComScore’s website.

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