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Subscription Ecommerce? We’re in the Top 50... AGAIN!

Posted by Origins Ecommerce - April 12, 2016 in , ,

With mega clients including Rogers, Johnson & Johnson, ING and Orange to name a few, NGDATA is a customer experience management solutions company that empowers enterprises to ‘Listen Bigger’ to all customer interactions, ‘Learn Faster’ from behavior and contextual information, ‘Create More’ effective actionable insights, and ‘Execute Smarter’ on these insights to better find, optimize and engage targets.


To that end, we are delighted that our blog has been included in their ‘Top 50 Customer Churn Resources’ along with HubSpot, eConsultancy and 17 other great resources.


The TOP THREE Origins Ecommerce POSTS included are summarized here for your reading pleasure!


1. Growing Revenue With Negative Churn

Top subscription ecommerce platform

Successful software-as-a-service companies work hard to minimize every kind of churn to keep their recurring revenue streams growing. But there is one kind of churn that’s an exception: negative churn… Read More


2. Four Ways to Reduce Churn

Recurring Revenue for Subscription Business

Whether you’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm or another kind of subscription service provider, protecting your existing client base is vital. An indication of how well you are protecting this base is your churn rate, and there are many factors that can raise it and threaten your subscriber volumes and revenues… Read More


3. Calculating Churn Rates

Ecommerce recurring revenue for subscriptions

Churn is a critical KPI and it's not just the number of subscribers lost within a given timeframe. There are several different variations that can provide other important insights into your business. In addition to the better-known customer churn, there is also discretionary churn, MRR churn, and negative churn...Read More



So thanks to our friends at NG DATA, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with your recurring payments. We're quite simply sophisticated in subscription ecommerce, and we know that successful subscription businesses rely on happy subscribers.


We work with you to provide delightful end-to-end experiences for your customers. (Just ask adidas Avenue A, or any of our other local or global brands)


It’s Your Turn!

Get in touch today to take your subscription business to the next level in ecommerce management and service.


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